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OpenEmbedded Yocto Project Linux Distribution Design

Wir können den komplexen Embedded Linux Designprozess für Intel® SoC-FPGAs und Xilinx® SoC-FPGAs in allen Bereichen übernehmen.
Die OpenEmbedded Yocto Project Board Support Package (BSP) Meta-Schicht für Intel® SoC FPGAs wird von uns offiziell entwickelt und gepflegt.

  • Customer-specific Embedded Linux Design for your Hardware and requirements
  • Linux Kernel Optimization and verification with Arm® Entwicklung Tools
  • Design of a Linux Device Tree to load needed Linux Kernel Drivers
  • Board Support Package Design (BSP)
  • Linux Driver development for FPGA Soft-IP (e.g. for using Interrupts and DMA)
  • Embedded Linux Application development
  • Linux configuration- and start-up shell script design
  • Network and Web Interface development
  • SoC FPGA Build Automation Design to enable for instance
    • The configuration of non-volatile Flash Memory devices of the Hardware during production
    • Software and FPGA Hardware Updates in the field
    • Customer friendly further development of Linux Software and FPGA Design after deployment

Verwendete SoC FPGA Design Tools

  • OpenEmbedded Yocto Project
  • Intel® Embedded Entwicklung Suite (SoC EDS)
  • Arm® Entwicklung Studio (DS-5)
  • Arm® Streamline
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Django (for Web Interface Design)
  • cmake, C++, gcc, Arm® Assembly, ...

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